A Little More About Me

My yoga journey started a few months after I gave birth to my daughter. I understood that in order to enhance my experience as a new parent, I would have to be flexible in both body and mind. However, I was also a student and a military spouse which meant that I had to juggle many hats. I loved visiting different places and looked forward to always meeting new people, and because of this, my love for learning and helping others kept growing. I received my MS in Psychology and practiced in my field for some time. I enjoyed taking my yoga classes because of the feeling I had every time that I left class and really started yearning to learn more. Now after over 500 hours of training in the History, Philosophy, Asana (poses) and practice of Yoga, I can truly say that I feel balanced. I feel great every day and strive to pass on that feeling to everyone that I can. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to live a full life and cannot wait to share my practice with you.