8 best outdoor spots to practice yoga

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Many people think that you must belong to a yoga studio to practice yoga. You must follow a certain person to be a good yogi. You must wear certain clothes to be practicing correctly. But the truth is, that you really don't NEED to do any of those things. If the WANT to practice is calling you, you can practice almost anywhere, practice with whomever you want (even just yourself) and wear whatever you feels works best with you while you practice; that is the beauty of Yoga.

The first step is to recognize the pull or WANT from within to start a practice. Next, identify the style of yoga that you'd like to explore and maybe find a teacher or another person who is already practicing yoga to guide and start you on your path. Lastly, find a space that is conducive to your practice. This space should allow for physical movement and should act as your personal retreat while you are in it. Don't have space at home? Take your practice outdoors!

A recent Swedish study found that viewing nature, especially fractals (the organically occurring patterns in tree branes and fern leaves) for example, increased wakeful relaxation and internal focus. Amazing right?

Here is a list of some of the best outdoor spaces for your yoga practice:

1) Your backyard

2) Your patio

3) A Park

4) The Beach

5) The mountains

6) Your favorite hiking spot

7) While camping

8) In the forest (which can lead to Forest Bathing)

Practicing outdoors can replenish depleted energy, heighten your awareness, build confidence, and boost your meditation levels too. According to Harvard Health, spending time outside can increase your Vitamin D intake, improve your concentration and aid in faster recovery from injuries. The mind-body correlation is strong my friends, get creative with it. Where do you see yourself taking your practice?

Awaken the greatness within and as always,

Peace, Love, and Namaste

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