Great daily rituals to clear negative energy

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Negative energy has been lingering around us all throughout this past year. We have all been touched by illness, depression, stress, overwhelming life events such as small business closure or even the death of someone we know. Many have felt that life has given them no choice but to give in to this negative energy and without knowing, may have spread this energy to those around them. Light or positive vibes, however, are always there... it's up to you to pave the way. That light can come from simply listening to a happy tune, or reaching out to a friend for help, and most of all, creating daily rituals to push away and clear negative energy.

Start by cleansing yourself. Take a shower, surround yourself with your favorite scent and create an intention for your day. Sit in a quiet spot in your home, or step outside to close your eyes and breathe deeply for at least 5 minutes. Eat a healthy meal to nourish your body and mind, and get yourself busy with your day. Negative energy or life events will always be a part of us, but actively working to balance out those energies will awaken positivity and guide your personal well being. Author Kris Ferraro suggests 6 simple ways to clear negative energy by offering a great visualization practice and incorporates shielding as a way to avoid negative energy from sinking in.

When I first got married and moved away from home, my mom offered the best advice that I ever received. She told me that as soon as a woke in the morning, the first two things that I should do was to 1) Wash my face 2) Make my bed. Simple right? At the time, this advice seemed mundane and I really didn't understand how this morning routine would help me at all. Overtime and years later, I find myself giving my daughter the same advice. Cleansing energizes and resets, and the simple act of making your bed encourages other tasks and impacts your mental health overall including job satisfaction, home ownership, and productivity. Change starts with us and if you want to see a change, start with yourself.

Feeling good and want to spread those vibes? Volunteer at your local food bank or create a volunteer group in your community. Want something more? Here are a few ways to get involved:

1) YogaGivesBack - An organization dedicated to helping underserved women and children in India

2) Sea Turtle Inc. - Education and conservation efforts in the world of Sea Turtles

3) AmeriCor - Making a difference in communities around the nation

4) Rainforest Alliance - Protects forests, improves livelihoods of farmers and surrounding communities

Awaken the Greatness Within my friends, and as always,

Peace, Love, and Namaste

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