Cultivate from Within

With private yoga lessons, you'll focus on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your health and lifestyle. We'll carefully formulate classes that meet your personal needs, expand on yoga basics and cultivate a successful yoga practice that will leave you feeling well balanced.

10 Reasons to try private yoga lessons

Cultivate Greatness

1) Grasp the basics of yoga

2) Work on specific poses to increase flexibility and            improve alignment.

3) Improve athletic performance

4) Cultivate a practice that aids in stress management          and personal wellness

5) Learn how to modify your practice while healing from injury

6) Deepen meditation practice

7) Receive tailored adjustments to your fitness level

8) Develop confidence 

9) Develop a personal practice on your schedule

10) Cultivate body, breath, movement and meditative          awareness that is specific to your needs.

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